In support of Open Source

Over the past couple of years I have been using Open Source software increasingly. More and more of the applications I use everyday have been replaced by open source alternatives, and I now only have a handful of proprietary software left. Even my operating system has been replaced by Ubuntu Gnome.

Since I am using so much open source software, I figured I would live up to this ideal by releasing the source code to one of my own pieces of software, The Costa GUI.

As of September 2017, the full source code is available on Github:

Costa sourcevcode on Github

This also fulfills a long overdue promise I made several years ago on my old GUI related website, where I declared that the code would be available once version 1.0 was released.

For more information on Costa, head over to the its dedicated website.

The Costa GUI

A hobby coding project of mine, Costa is a program which runs on top of MS-DOS or compatible operating systems. The aim of it is to replace the DOS-prompt with a clean, user-friendly interface – a so called GUI (Graphical User Interface). Costa comes with full mouse and keyboard support, and a bunch of useful accessories.

Most development took place between 2004 and 2012, when version 1.0 was released. Since then I have moved on to other projects, and now rarely fire up the code editor to work on Costa.

Costa has it’s own homepage, where you can learn more and download the program free of charge.

The Costa GUI