I have owned this domain for many years, but in recent years I have not used it for much besides e-mail hosting.

This site is an attempt to use it for something more – if nothing else, then to share some of my thoughts and experiences. We’ll see.


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  1. I am trying to fix linster OS to my liking with the desk.bas file, and when I try to make a new desk.exe file, in qbasic, it says that the “MouseDriver” is not working because of the code line:

    CALL Absolute(ax%, bx%, cx%, dx%, Mouse%)

    How do I fix this line?
    Please reply

    • Hi Nikolas,

      While I did not make Linster OS (the name of my GUI is Costa), I did previously host a site which featured it as a download. And I think it used some of my code for its font routine.

      For the line of code to work, you will need to launch QB with the /L parameter, as such: qb.exe /l
      This will load a library of subs/functions along with QB, allowing you to use the CALL Absolute() procedure.

      If you release anything, feel free to drop me a line. I would be very interested in seeing it!


      Jacob Palm

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