Her kan du læse mine indlæg om de projekter jeg har gang i, eller de løse tanker jeg deler.

  • New release of Costa - version 1.5.0
    Den 29. december, 2021

    Just in time before the new year, Costa version 1.5.0 has finished testing and has been released. This version comes with many improvements and changes, but three stand out from the rest: A new UI design based on Costa 0.9.4, massive speed improvements to handling of data files, and full keyboard support in all accessories. Code optimizations have also helped reduced the combined size of Costas executables significantly.

  • New release of Costa - version 1.3.0
    Den 22. oktober, 2020

    After a 2½ year hiatus, I have once again pulled the source code for my DOS based GUI, Costa, out of storage, and added some new features. This time around, I’ve implemented some bug fixes, and a whole new theme editor.

  • Software highlight: JNote
    Den 13. november, 2018

    I usually advocate free (and preferably open-source) software only, but I have come across a Windows application that merits an exception to this rule.

  • New release of Costa - version 1.2.0
    Den 27. maj, 2018

    Once again I have released a new version of my MS-DOS based graphical shell, Costa.

  • New release of Costa - version 1.1.0
    Den 03. marts, 2018

    Yesterday I released a new version of my long-time hobby coding project, the MS-DOS based graphical shell Costa.

  • In support of Open Source
    Den 02. oktober, 2017

    Over the past couple of years I have been using Open Source software increasingly. More and more of the applications I use everyday have been replaced by open source alternatives, and I now only have a handful of proprietary software left. Even my operating system has been replaced by Ubuntu Gnome.

  • Start.
    Den 17. november, 2016

    Jeg har ejet dette domæne i mange år - siden 2004 - men i de seneste år har jeg hovedsageligt benyttet det til e-mail.