Software highlight: JNote

I usually advocate free (and preferably open-source) software only, but I have come across a Windows application that merits an exception to this rule.

Over the years, I have used many different software solutions for note-taking, and to keep track of my tasks in various projects. Microsoft OneNote, Evernote, plain text files – and countless others.

While software like OneNote and Evernote have many great features, I often find them far to cumbersome and bloated for my purposes. For that reason, I have always reverted back to my old ways and used plain text files. These are small in size, and can be opened everywhere – at the sacrifice of any real functionality and formatting.

So, I went another way and used Markdown. This allowed me to take my notes in plain text files, and to have them rendered beautifully on the screen. But, there’s a drawback to this as well: Although Markdown is plain text, it is not pretty to look at “raw” when opening on a device or in an editor without Markdown formatting. And there’s usually no functionality to handle tasks and the like.

Some time ago I stumbled across the perfect software for my needs – JNote. Continue reading “Software highlight: JNote”